Cardiff Music Awards – Cardiff, March

Cardiff Music Awards is a yearly event designed to promote, recognise and celebrate Welsh talent. Its aim is to reiterate how healthy and significant the Cardiff music scene is, by getting as many people as possible involved in one major honour roll  – which is particularly important at present, taking into account the ongoing campaign to save local venues (such as those on Womanby Street). This year’s ceremony took place at the Tramshed on March 30th, and it was definitely an evening to remember. Featuring live music from a range of local artists such as Chroma, Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove and Astroid Boys, the roof was torn off from the second the show started. Judged by a panel of music industry professionals, many Welsh artists, producers, companies and promoters happily walked away with an award – if not, a recognition for their contributions.  Tickets were £30 and included a two-course street food meal, a free drink, an Old J Spiced Rum cocktail and an evening of entertainment that lasted until the early hours. Be sure to continue supporting local artists and venues, so the Cardiff music scene can stay alive! Check out my video here.



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