Big Scott – Cardiff, May

We were lucky enough to chat with Big Scott, the founder of U&I Radio, to discuss the station’s ethos, programming and future. Check out my video here.

U&I stands for Unite and Inspire. Big Scott’s mission is to showcase unsigned artists’ talent by allowing the public to indulge on a constantly new, fresh selection of songs, through the online 24/7 streaming of rare tracks with a healthy mix of reggae, soul, funk, jazz, blues and world music. U&I’s database is eclectic, diverse, and constantly updated to ensure all listeners are given the first opportunity to explore new artists as they come.

Through U&I Radio, Big Scott provides a well-respected platform for some of the world’s best undiscovered talent; an excellent promotion ground for those looking to get the word out about their music. With a strong background in the media industry, ranging from television production to radio presenting, from magazine journalism to theatre and lighting design – he’s done it all. Although he doesn’t like to bang his own drum, everyone here in Cardiff (and beyond!) is extremely grateful for all he’s done for the unsigned music scene so far. He has been a great success in the industry, and is an excellent role model to some of the younger artists he promotes.

Although he stands at 6’8″ tall, he certainly stands tall amongst giants. It was such a pleasure to chat to him and learn more about his musical journey. Catch him at the New Crown Inn in Merthyr Tydfil on the last Wednesday of every month, and Nos Da Basement in Cardiff on the first Wednesday of every month. You can even grab your tickets beforehand here!

Social Media links for Big Scott  – Website – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – MixCloud – SoundCloud



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