Craig Kirkwood – Cardiff, May

Australian-born photographer, publisher and entrepreneur Craig Kirkwood launches his new book, entitled The Book of Cardiff, on June 1st. Check out my video here.

The Book of Cardiff acts as a personal portrait of the Welsh capital, told through over 350 full-colour and black & white photographs. It is a culmination of many months work photographing Cardiff; a city Craig quickly fell in love with after moving here a couple of years ago. During his interview, Craig notes his love for small cities packed with wide, open spaces – perhaps explaining why Cardiff stands out for him, given how easy it is to travel from one end of the city to another on foot, or by bicycle.

As Craig has only resided here for a number of years, he brings the eye of a tourist – a fresh outsider pointing out delicate details within the city that residents do not pick up on. As a Cardiffian myself, this is exactly why I love this book. It has made me actually open my eyes and realise how unique a city it is. One minute you can be next to a castle in the city centre…ten minutes later you can be on the outskirts of the city in a field surrounded by sheep. There are so many little corners of Cardiff that this book has helped me discover, despite being born and raised here.

Hard-cover bound, and printed on high-density, archival-grade paper, the book is a steal for £19.99 if you want to indulge on a new perspective of Cardiff – be it a “lushlandscape or the underground music scene. Grab a signed copy here, or head over to Little Man Coffee Co on June 1st at 7pm for the launch. With accompanying live entertainment from Maddie Jones, the evening is set out to be a great success.

Find out more information on Craig’s website here.


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